The streets of Cordova the Town are designed using the same principles that Cristopher Wren used in London after the Great Fire in London in 1750’s. They incorporate Hausmann’s plans for Paris in the 1820’s and they were influenced by LaEnfant’s Washington D.C. street plans he designed for Thomas Jefferson.

These planning techniques, all but forgotten in modern times, influenced small town development since Jamestown and Williamsburg were platted.

The guiding principles found in villages throughout America dominated the street plan of Cordova the Town. Parks where people can most easily enjoy them, narrow streets to slow traffic, houses with porches close to the street and a commercial core within a few minutes walk are essential elements to a thriving village. One house was designed after the Governor’s Mansion in Virginia. Another was patterned after a Senator’s mansion in Atlanta, GA. Some houses resemble the beautiful homes in Charleston, SC while others possess the beauty of the old homes in Northern Florida, South Carolina, and Mississippi. All homes have gorgeous front porches, elevated ceilings, some with upstairs balconies that overlook the gazebo, the bell tower, or one of the many parks strategically placed within the development.

The Gazebo and The Bell Tower

Both are nested in a roundabout. The gazebo, on occasion, is the backdrop for weddings and other special occasions. Our beautiful bell tower dongs to mark the hour and chimes gently throughout the neighborhood.

These important planning techniques have been lost in the cookie cutter subdivisions with repeating facades and repetitive floor plans.

Neighbors know neighbors. There are annual parties and get-togethers. Cordova the Town is like walking back in time.